Giant PVC squid

Designboom profiles Victorine Müller's beautiful, gigantic inflatable animals, including 'Ballon Stratosphérique' (a giant PVC squid).

one example of her compositions is 'timeline', a performance in lucerne from 2005, which gives clear definition for most of her work.
the piece is best described by the deployment and occupancy of a monolithic transparent elephant, illuminated by natural and powered light.
with the animal in the upright position for the beginning of the showing – müller sitting calmly cross-legged in its bowels –
she manages to exude a certain spirit and alertness akin to the living beast itself. the remainder of the exhibition sees the artist lay the
sculpture on its side to display it in a completely contrasting state – sleeping, or even perished, this she manages to embody just as acutely –
'an elephant in a quiet, dark space, motionless, awe inspiring yet also arousing our sympathy.'

performance art meets inflated sculptures by victorine müller

(via Crazy Abalone)

(Photo: Stephan Wyckoff)