Tim Biskup's Kickstarts his music project: Brainsled

Our pal Tim Biskup just launched his first Kickstarter project: a double vinyl LP re-issue of a 1989 cassette by his band, Big Butter.

Tim Biskup is an artist. You might know his work. If not, Click here to check out his website. He's well known as a painter, sculptor and designer, but he's also a musician. He and his brother, Mike Biskup started a band called Big Butter way back in 1986. Over the last 25+ years they've made a bunch of records and played a lot of shows. They're a very strange band, as you might imagine. One of their favorite and most obscure recordings, BRAINSLED, was released as a cassette in 1989, but was never released on vinyl. It's been a favorite of Big Butter fans since it came out. One guy got it stuck in his car stereo for 6 years and he didn't even care. He just drove around listening to it. It's that good!

Brainsled 2xLP by Big Butter