Names for bands

Eric Andre offers the Internet-visiting public a compendium of up-for-grabs band names. Band names are the original Twitter: hyper-compressed witticisms meant to leap off a poster wheatpasted to a telephone pole and lodge in the mind forever. Here are some of my favorites from Eric's list:

Jesus and the Christs
Lionel Nitsche
Polyamorous Brazilian Atheist
Alien vs Predator vs Brown vs The Board of Education
Mega Nintendo Death Hibachi
Mud Butt Monorail
The Beyonces
The Dave Matthews' Dave Matthews' Band
Cardboard Swordfight
Alpha Nerd
Lonely Pizza
Organic Pesticides
Teenage Chicken
Axe Body Spray
9 mm Camera

Eric's Band Names

(via MeFi)

(Image: poster in Rome, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from davemorris's photostream)