Stay Mayor: free Android game based on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's scandals

Stay Mayor is a free Android game based on the horrifying, hilarious misadventures of Toronto Mayor Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford. In order to win, you play the mayor "as he flees from reporters, avoids crack pipes, and tries to pick up as much cash as possible in order to buy the alleged video before Gawker gets it. The player can pick up footballs along the way and lob them at nasty cameramen who try to get in the mayor's way."

And what happens if the mayor run into too many cameras or crack pipes?

“He slows down, then eventually the media scrum overtakes him. The metaphor is that he has to deal with the media now, which is probably his worst nightmare,” Mr. McEvoy said.

The player then sees a sad screen that says "bunch of maggots," he added.

Cheeky video game takes on troubles of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford [Ann Hui/Globe and Mail]

(Thanks, Jonny!)