Kickstarting a DRM-free science-fiction game: Revolution 60

Four-time Hugo award winner Frank Wu writes, "Revolution 60 is a highly cinematic game developed by Giant Spacekat, a mostly-female team of game developers based out of Boston. In the game, you play as Holiday, a female assassin for Chessboard, a black ops organization, that has to discover why an orbital weapons platform has malfunctioned. Now, the game is being developed for PC and Mac, completely DRM-free!"

They're looking for $5,000; $20 gets you a copy of the game.

Revolution 60 is an intense, movie-length story – told cinematically with gorgeous 3D animation and full voice acting from stars like Amanda Winn-Lee. You play as Holiday, an assassin for Chessboard, tasked with discovering why an American orbital weapons platform has malfunctioned. This indie game topped the list of best games of PAX East, and has been called, "One of the best games you've never played," by MSN.

Now, the team needs your help bringing Revolution 60 to PC and Mac. The advantage of using the Unreal engine is the ability to port a completed game to other platforms with relative ease. For an indie team like Giant Spacekat, this is extremely important, allowing us to get our game into as many players' hands as possible.

Bring Revolution 60 to PC and Mac!

(Thanks, Frank!)