The From Hell Companion, including 7-year-old Hayley Campbell's gory ways-to-die drawings

We've written before about From Hell, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's magnificent 1999 graphic novel (made into a rather good 2001 movie with Johnny Depp and Heather Graham).

Now, Knockabout Press has published The From Hell Companion, a wonderfully detailed and endlessly fascinating account of the comic's creation.

There's lots of insight into the way that Moore and Campbell collaborated, lots of amazing stuff about Moore's own inscrutable wizardry, and, best of all, the book reproduces the drawings that Cambpell's seven-year-old daughter Hayley made, sitting at her father's side while he worked on the book. Some of these were previously published by Campbell in a 2006 blog post, but they're not a patch on the reproductions in the book itself.

The From Hell Companion