Kickstarting Scary Godmother fashion dolls

I reviewed the wonderful, spooky kids' graphic novel Scary Godmother in 2010, and now I'm delighted to plug this kickstarter to fund a set of fully articulated dolls based on the series, launched by its creator, Jill Thompson. $50 gets you the doll itself, and there are a ton of smaller premiums for lower payments.

Soon after being published, Scary Godmother was Optioned for Animation by Mainframe Entertainment. I also worked with Chicago children's theater company, Runamuck Productions to adapt Scary Godmother to the stage. We had a wildly successful run of 26 performances at the Athenaeum Theater. We adapted the play to television for Mainframe and you can see the result of that on TV each Halloween on Cartoon Network. I worked on every step of each production and they were each an incredibly rewarding creative experience!

I've been fortunate to take my creation from books and comics all the way to the Stage and Screen! Now I want to be able to take her to that next step, the place people have been asking me about ever since I wrote the first Scary Godmother Story. I want to create Scary Godmother Stuff! I have a notebook filled with pages and pages of Scary Godmother product ideas and I finally have a way to bring them directly to you….. starting with The Scary Godmother Fashion Doll!

The Scary Godmother Doll

(Thanks, Zack!)