10 cool things so far at Boing Boing: Ingenuity

Our first-ever stage event is going great today, bringing this site into the material plane for the very first time. All day Sunday, we've got all sorts of fascinating presentations, astounding performances, and living curiosities on show at a former Masonic Lodge in San Francisco.

Since not everyone could be there, here are just a few of the cool things so far today — for more, check out #bbingenuity at Twitter and our Facebook page. And of course, we will posting plenty of photos and videos on this site in the next week or two.

1. The incredible century-old inferno backdrop behind the stage at the former masonic lodge hosting the event. [Photos: BB, k0re]

2. Barn Owl, performers of electro drone music. [Sound test]

3. Spacehack founder Ariel Waldman, who orchestrated our Ingenuity: Data Driven hack day, was our guide on engaging in space research, no matter who you are.

4. Mark Frauenfelder, clad in stange pants, who explained how to properly sharpen the legendary Blackwing pencils given to every attendee.

5. Shovelman, who played the blues on a giant … shovel. [Vine. Instagram Video.]

6. The mysterious keyboardist who performed science fiction themes on this massive old pipe organ [Instagram video by bhoeber]

7. Eri Genrty, who explained biohacking and biocuriouslab [Photo: ethicurean]

8. Magic experience designer Ferdinando Buscema, who figured out BB editor David Pescovitz's password live in front of hundreds of people. Reset time!

9. The swag, including Hugh Howey's Wool novels on a metal USB card that doubles as your fallout shelter pass. [Photo:

10. Todd Berman, who live-sketched Ferdinando and others!

Boing Boing Ingenuity in partnership with Ford C-Max.