Breaking Bad: Bracing for the 'Felina' finale

Francesco Francavilla

The final episode of "Breaking Bad" titled "Felina" airs tonight on the AMC cable television network, and on the torrents. Tomorrow, loyal fans who subscribe via iTunes and Netflix will get Season 5, episode 16.

In "A Crystal Blue Heart Of Darkness: Final thoughts before the Breaking Bad finale," Boing Boing contributor Kevin McFarland ruminates on "elements that went unremarked over these final episodes," prior to the last of the last.

Kevin will have a recap/public mourning/analysis/farewell essay available on this blog later tonight. His episode recaps, and our blog posts about cool fan stuff surrounding the show, are here.

ART, above: Breaking Bad Episode 5.16 "FINALE" Minimalist Episode Poster by Francesco Francavilla. I want to buy a print!

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