Walking Dead compendium 19: March to War

After an uncommonly long hiatus, there's a new Walking Dead graphic novel: Walking Dead 19: March to War. It's been eight months since volume 18 and its introduction of Negan, a psychopathic villain who makes the Governor look like a pussycat by comparison.

In #19, Kirkman again does his magic trick of dangling and snatching away hope, but with the stakes raised so high that you can't help but be on tenterhooks for it. On the way, he fleshes out a roster of new characters who are likable and powerful — a rare combination in the Kirkmanverse, where power is almost always the root of evil — and gives us some human-on-human war that shows that the real horror isn't the zombies.

If you haven't been following along with the comics, this might be the right time to jump in. They're much better than the TV show (for my money, anyway), and with 19 volumes in print, there's plenty of reading to catch up on.

Walking Dead 19: March to War.

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