An app to teach kids resistor color code values

I learned resistor color code values as a kid by memorizing a racist mnemonic that a friend taught me. Today, there's a much better way. It's an app called Mho's Resistance, and it was created by our friends at Adafruit Industries!

WARNING! This game will teaches USEFUL SKILLS! Learn resistor values and have fun at the same time!

Complete real circuits & unlock a working electronic instrument – Mho's Resistance makes resistor color codes fun! Mho is a resistor who needs your help. Set Mho's color bands to the correct values in order to complete each circuit. But be careful, incorrect values will unleash the Blue Smoke Monster – not good!

Or – go head to head with a friend in Versus mode to see who can complete the most values before time runs out!

– Battle against time & complete circuits in Quest Mode

– 2-player Versus Mode over Bluetooth

– Sharpen your skills in Practice Mode w/ value labels & no time limit

– Groove to an all analog-synth soundtrack

– Learn a useful skill while playing a game!

Mho's Resistance iOS app: 99 cents