The Doberman Gang somehow didn't win Best Picture in 1972

Dogs robbing banks!

Friends never believe me when I tell them The Doberman Gang doesn't just exist but there are two sequels! This film is 100% incredible.

Byron Chudnow, director of some favorite Batman and The Wild Wild West episodes, presents us with period perfect down-on-their-luck 1970's bank robbers who decide to innovate. They pivot their operation and outsource the thievery to a gang of highly skilled, low-wage doberman pinschers. While the work product appears excellent, lots of hurdles have to be jumped and roads crossed as these two very different groups learn to work together. Will it work? Can they do it?

I absolutely love the detailed bank robbery planning scenes in this movie. They try to repeat them the sequels and never capture the feeling as brilliantly. Byron Mabe's Eddie leads an incredible process of studying the bank, building the models and training the dogs. You catch some of this in the trailer but its really, really good. The film's perfectly whimsical score kicked off Alan Silvestri's amazing career, and it dances perfectly with the picture. The music really adds to the sheer creative lunacy that is The Doberman Gang.

The Doberman Gang is also the first film to include in its end-credits the American Humane Society declaration that no animals were harmed in its filming.

The Doberman Gang