Gweek podcast 130: Sonic Pop Ray Gun

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In each episode of Gweek, I invite a guest or two to join me in a discussion about recommended media, apps, and gadgets. This time my guests were Janelle Hessig, a bay Area cartoonist and writer and the marketing director at Last Gasp Publishing, and Joshua Foer, author of Moonwalking with Einstein, which recounts Joshua's yearlong quest to improve his memory under the tutelage of top "mental athletes."

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We discussed:

Power pop's creepiest anthems, from Piper's "Who's Your Boyfriend?" to 90% of The Knack's pedo-discography to the obscure but clearly blue ribbon winner for all-time creepiest song, "Daddy's Girl" by The Secrets.

The artist Clayton Bailey and his new roadside attraction/ art gallery in the tiny town of Port Costa, CA.

Joshua's recent stay in the Congo, where he's been living on and off for the last two years with a group of Mbenzele pygmies to research his next book, on the world's last hunter-gatherers.

Why Josh built a full-scale reproduction of Agostino Ramelli's Bookwheel.

A great book on the value of building with hand tools called the Anarchist's Tool Chest by Christopher Schwarz.

The book The Horror! The Horror!: Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You To Read, which has over 200 horror comic book covers and complete stories that depict dismemberment, disfigurement, sadism, bondage, torture, electrocution, blinding with red hot pokers, decapitation, and cannibalism. No wonder kids loved comics so much in those days.

And much more!