Celebrate D&D's 40th: AMA with author of "Playing at the World"

Jayson from Gygax Magazine sez, "This Sunday, January 26th, marks the 40th anniversary of the first publication of Dungeons & Dragons. To mark the occasion, Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World and writer for Gygax Magazine, will be holding an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit."

Playing at the World, a history of war games and role-playing games, has been called "the first serious history of the development of Dungeons & Dragons" by the Village Voice, and is an exhaustively researched delve into every aspect of the game's origins.

Sunday at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern, Jon Peterson will spend the hour answering questions from the community. If you've ever wanted to know anything about the history of Dungeons & Dragons, here's your chance to ask.

Playing at the World [Amazon]

Ask Jon Peterson Anything : Gygax magazine

(Thanks, Jayson!)