Kickstarting the final five episodes of Baman Piderman

The wonderful, funny Baman Piderman cartoon (previously) was shelved after two seasons. The creators, Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, are kickstarting $50K (or more) to finish the series, which has a definite ending that they intended to reach all along. It seems uniquely tragic to get all this way into the series and not finish it, especially a series as full of whimsy and haphazardly voiced superhero parodies as these. Plus those Small-Buteras are freaking adorable. I'm in.

Baman Piderman was always meant to be a story that has a satisfying ending! When the series got put on hold last year, the show ended abruptly before the final five episodes of the second season, leaving a lot of loose ends. If our goal is reached, we'll be able to devote all our work time again to finishing these final five episodes, including the super long final episode. Not only that, but we'll be able to pay for really great music and help! If funded, the episodes will begin airing in September! We are also really excited we can now offer Baman Piderman merch for the very first time super exclusively to backers of the kickstarter!