Rudy Rucker kickstarts the Transreal Trilogy and a Keroacian memoir

Rudy Rucker writes, "I'm running a new Kickstarter project: Transreal Trilogy + All the Visions. What's the new project? Four novels bound as two books.
And what is 'transrealism'? Your usual life, only it's an SF novel!"

If there is an archetypal Happy Mutant, it might just be Rudy Rucker. A gone and gonzo genius whose transrealism is surrealism with physics, math, and science fiction and the nightmarish world of Breugel thrown in for good measure. This looks amazing. I bought in for $50, which is all the books as physical editions with signed and numbered bookplates.

If you are looking to get turned onto Rucker, I highly recommend starting with Spaceland, an n-dimension take on Flatland, which gave me a totally new answer to the "what superhero power would you like to possess?" question (answer: the ability to extrude yourself into a fourth spatial dimension).

Transreal Trilogy contains:

* The Secret of Life: A 60s college student learns he's a saucer alien.

White Light: A hipster math professor travels to the afterworld.

Saucer Wisdom: A cult author tries to write about alien abductions.


All the Visions is a short, autobiographical, non-SF that novel Rudy composed on the typewriter with an 80-foot scroll of paper in 1983. Inspiration? Jack Kerouac's On the Road. The underground classic returns in a new edition, smooth and strange.

Transreal Trilogy + All the Visions

(Thanks, Rudy!)