Substitute fine old rums for bourbon and save

If you love bourbon but are dismayed by the skyrocketing prices for the good stuff, Matt Buchanan suggests that you try "old-ass" rum, which has a lot of the same flavors that bourbon lovers cherish at a fraction of the price (for now).

What should you do with this old-ass rum that has been sitting around in a barrel for a while? A lot of the same things you would do with a whiskey or other mature spirits: You can drink it neat or with an ice cube or as an old fashioned (an old fashioned is just a spirit, sugar, water, bitters and MAYBE a lemon peel, though you might want to use demerara sugar?) or in like a Manhattanish thing with sweet vermouth, probably Carpano Antica or Cocchi Vermouth di Torino. Drink it and stop worrying about the whiskey shortage, or that you won't be displaying a sufficient level of sophistication in your liquor choices because when literally everybody else is talking about how much they loooove whiskey, you? You appreciate fine aged rum.

How to Beat the Whiskey Shortage [Matt Buchanan/The Awl]

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