HOWTO make a steam-powered RC tank

On Instructables, user Steamhobby shows you how he retrofitted a steam-boiler and drive-train into an RC tank-toy, turning it into a steam-powered, remote-control tank.

The many of the precision parts are made from cleverly repurposed Meccano, but there's still a fair bit of machining and steamfitting involved. But it's got a whistle, and it can fire its cannon!

Fire, Water, Steam, Motion. A fun build of a r/c live steam powered tank with turret & gun.

I've always enjoyed live steam powered machines, but Crabfu's steamtoys inspired my imagination.

This is my spin, with dual engines for independent track control, a working turret, and simulated cannon fire action. The tank uses 100% live steam power for propulsion. Batteries only power the radio/controllers, lights and effects. It's based on an old Tamiya 1/16th scale King Tiger off eBay.

Steam Turret Tank
by steamhobby

(via Neatorama)