Jane Goodall talks about viral animal videos


"I think they're really important in connecting heart and head. On the one hand you've got the science out there now that shows that animals do have personalities, minds and feelings; On the other hand you are seeing animals face-to-face in these YouTubes."

From The Dodo:

Animal videos and stories in general tend to go viral online more than any other kind of story. Why do you think that is?

Well, because animals do have a deep and ancient relationship to us. So when you see a baby rhino that's been brought up running around and around in the living room and playing with the dog, that's wonderful … When you see that, people start thinking differently about rhinos.

On one hand a film, a movie, a video or whatever which only shows the wonderful nature — that tends to lull people into thinking there's still a lot of nature left. When you come face-to-face with the individual animal, with the facts about so many rhinos being killed … it makes you angry. When you then relate those numbers to [the baby rhino] running around and around in the living room, you think differently.

"Jane Goodall On SeaWorld, Twitter, And The Power Of Viral Animal Videos"