Eron Gjoni, unrepentant jerk

The man who kicked off Gamergate and the brutal harassment of untold women by posting a 9,000-word screed about his ex-girlfriend's sex-life says he'd do it again (can't make an omelet without breaking ovaries, you know).

He regrets the death threats and rape threats and terrorizing of countless women in the games industry, but considers it all a price worth paying (for someone else, anyway).

“If I could go back in time and tell myself not to do this. I wouldn’t. That is, I wouldn’t tell myself not to. Because it’s for the best. Regardless of how the outcome is actually getting painted. As this giant harassment campaign against women filled with all sorts of death threats. On the ground the movement isn’t barely like that.”

The Man Who Sparked GamerGate Regrets The Harassment, Says He’d Do It Again [Joseph Bernstein/Buzzfeed]

(via The Mary Sue)