Kickstarting mass-customizable furniture-on-demand

Massuni, an established cabinet-maker, is taking Kickstarter pre-orders for an ingenious furniture production system that lets you choose from among a suite of basic designs, then specify your particular, exact dimensions and have custom pieces turned out that exactly meet your needs.

To begin the design process, users browse the Massuni catalogue, which will quickly grow to thousands of furniture pieces including items designed by other users. Users have full control of the dimensions, as the configurator features fully dynamic sizing that can be adjusted down to one millimeter or an eighth of an inch. Each piece of furniture can be restyled by choosing materials, finishes, trim, door designs, and hardware, and the product can be entirely reconfigured by adding and subtracting cupboards, drawers, and shelf spaces.

At any time during the design process, users are able to generate a high quality rendering that realistically depicts the finished item. An updated price is also shown in real time as changes are made.

Massuni – Design your own furniture in seconds!