Fellowships available in security usability

The Open Technology Fund and Simply Secure are offering fellowships to researchers who seek funding to work on usability in privacy and security technology.

Both the senior and seasonal fellowships are hosted by selected and qualified organizations that are committed to ensuring accepted fellows' success and are doing worth within OTF and Simply Secure's remit. For the duration of both senior and seasonal fellowships, the fellow will be expected to work full time with their host organization. Available host organizations are listed on the application form, and an applicant can also request a host organization be added to the program for a particular project.

Applications are open to people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines and can include students and junior to mid-career practitioners. Individuals with diverse and unlikely backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Likely candidates have experience as usability researchers, interaction or visual designers, computer scientists, user-facing software developers, data-visualization designers, or other types of social scientists.

Submissions are viewable by the host organization, Simply Secure, and OTF for review. Host organizations evaluate proposals and submit their decisions to OTF and Simply Secure for evaluation. Once approved, the host organization communicates with finalist applicants and works with them to flesh out a project-specific Scope of Work (SOW) including goals, objectives, activities, and deliverables for their fellowship. Each approved fellow with an SOW agreed upon by the host organization will sign a performance-based contract directly with OTF for the SOW, managed by the participating host organization.

Secure Usability Fellowship Program

(Disclosure: I am a volunteer on the advisory board of Simply Secure, a 501(c)3 nonprofit)

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