Lecture on zombies, art, and death

Zombie artist George Pfau sends us, "Zombies Identified: A slideshow-lecture performed for BAASICS 5:Monsters, a free event at ODC Theater in San Francisco."

It's a slideshow of diagrams, film stills, animations, and other images drawing focus toward the zombie as a learning tool about identity and the ephemeral aspects of being human. He uses his Impressionist painting derived from George Romero's film Day of the Dead, to enter into a discussion about the blurry, oozing edges of the human body. His art is inspired by zombie protagonists in film, Martin Handford's Where's Waldo, 16th Century Italian medical drawing, early 90's videogames, children's drawings, the philosopher Mikhail Bahktin, and much more. Pfau treats the zombie as a window into the in-between, rather than a sub-human "other" used to promote negative stereotypes. 'Zombie' also serves as an entry point into thoughts about legibility, contradiction, binaries, and death.

George Pfau [Zombielaw]

(Thanks, George!)