Detailed Snowtrooper armor

A mere $2000 gets you this suit of Imperial Snowtrooper couture armor, suitable for fighting asymmetric warfare on Hoth or chilling at a con.

The ensemble includes breastplate armor with replicated button and greeble details, and a backplate with an attached fully functional backpack. The suit also has a codpiece, vambrace and spaulders.

A decorative buckle with a webbed belt, cloth pouches and a rear belt cylinder round out the outfit. The gloves have demi-gauntlet style armor and elastic wristbands.

The armor is made with high-quality PVC plastic with finished undersides, backs and insides. To ensure the authentic look of the armor, the hard pieces were 3D scanned and replicated from Lucasfilm costume and prop artifacts.

Win at winter with this 'Star Wars' Snowtrooper ensemble [Bonnie Burton/Cnet]