UK government tells nursery workers to turn in potential terrorist toddlers

They'll have to report 3-year-olds who are "at risk of radicalisation," according to a consultation document that the Home Office is pushing to turn into legislation.

Not just nursery workers — teachers all the way up to secondary school will have to spy on and turn in their "potentially radicalized" students.

He added: "It is important that children are taught fundamental British values in an age-appropriate way. For children in the early years, this will be about learning right from wrong and in practitioners challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes.

"We would expect staff to have the training they need to identify children at risk of radicalisation and know where and how to refer them for further help if necessary."

Anti-terror plan to spy on toddlers 'is heavy-handed' [Robert Mendick and Robert Verkaik/Telegraph]

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(Image: Nursery School, Bart Everson, CC-BY)