I found a better pair of pet nail clippers

nail-clippersMy cats will tolerate having their nails clipped for about 45 seconds before they start to squirm out of my lap.

That's often enough time to get to all the nails, except those nails that are higher up on the leg. (That's because I can't remember which side of the leg they are on and I have to feel around for them, which the cats don't like). For years, I've been using the small clippers seen on the right in the photo above. They are hard to control and don't make very clean cuts.

I bought the Go Pets nail clippers after a friend recommended them. The list price is $(removed), and Amazon currently has them for $(removed) They are much better than the little pair I had. The spring hinge makes them easier to use than the small pair, and the large rubberized handles give me the grip and leverage I need to clip the cats' nails in the time they allow me. I don't use the other features like the protective guard and the built-in nail file but dog owners might find them useful.


(If you want to try clipping your cat's nails, here's a good guide from the ASPCA.)