Badass Space Dragons: join us for a BBS door game!

Badass Space Dragons: BRUTAL

Badass Space Dragon returns to the Boing Boing BBS!

Created by the brilliant Pat Race, registration or Badass Space Dragon will close Monday, February 16th at 10am (AKST) and game play begins the following week.

Each week, players will upgrade their ships, select a mission and hope to survive the fates dispensed by the cruel random number generator which governs all space and time. Fun!

This time around Pat has some awesome special guest NPCs lined up and plans to be using a more leisurely, weekly, update schedule to accommodate any "real" world obligations you might have here on Earth.

While Pat's game play and storytelling are the backbone of this BBS door game, each participant also adds as much (or as very, very little in my case), to the story as they like. Even if you do not play it is a blast to follow!

Let's go fly some imaginary spaceships!