Biophilia – Photographs that combine artful design with taxidermy and other preservation techniques

Christopher Marley grew up with a freezer stuffed with dead birds. His father, a passionate bird breeder, couldn’t part with the birds when they died, so he stored them alongside the family’s frozen food. Now Marley, also passionate about birds as well as all types of nature, preserves beautiful creatures after they’ve died by combining art and design with taxidermy and other preservation techniques. In his new book Biophilia, which means “love of life,” Marley shares his artfully photographed collections of insects, sea life, reptiles, birds, plants and minerals. From pastel urchins arranged like a tray of meringues to vibrant Charly Harper-style insect collages to stunning portraits of snakes, wasps, rocks, crabs, bird wings and more, Marlow’s work is nothing short of magnificent. Every image in this book is a masterful work of art.


by Christopher Marley

Harry N. Abrams

2015, 288 pages, 10 x 12 x 1.2 inches

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