Zimbabwe's trillion-dollar bills selling for real money on eBay


Zimbabwe's crazy inflation is being put out of its misery with the country's official switch to using U.S. dollars. Only now can the old denominations–quadrillion dollar bills!–appreciate in value due to their oddness and humor value.

On online auction site eBay, a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note is a collector's item fetching up to $35, a small fortune compared with the 40 U.S. cents on offer from the central bank as it seeks to officially bury the worthless currency.

The unloved Zimbabwean dollar, ravaged by hyperinflation that peaked at 500 billion percent in 2008, ceased to be legal tender on Friday as the southern African country switches fully to the U.S. dollar. … "I think this is a waste of time. I would rather sell the money to tourists," said Shadreck Gutuza, a former currency trader who now buys and sells used cars from Japan.

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