Tucker Carlson says he is "radicalized against our leaders" because grocery prices in Russia are lower than the U.S.

After being dazzled by Moscow's communist-built subway system for its overwrought opulence, reminiscent of Mar-a-Lago, Tucker Carlson visited a Russian grocery store and was shocked by the low prices.

If you take people's standard of living and you tank it through filth and crime and inflation and they literally can't buy the groceries they want, at that point maybe it matters less what you say or whether you're a good person or a bad person. You're wrecking people's lives in their country, and that's what our leaders have done to us.

And coming to a Russian grocery store, the heart of evil, and seeing what things cost and how people live, it will radicalize you against our leaders. That's how I feel anyway, radicalized. We're not making any of this up, by the way, at all.

Carlson might not be making up the fact that groceries are cheaper in Russia compared to the United States, but he is effectively lying by not disclosing the fact that most Russians face a much tougher struggle to afford food than Americans.

As Twitter's Community Notes points out, "Over 60% of Russians spend half of their salary on food, according to Russia's state-owned news agency TASS. The average wage in Russia is 73,383 RUB per month (which is $791 with today's exchange rate)."