Blackhawks fans riot and for some reason it's not sensationalized by the media

Massive riots broke out in Chicago after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, although they were mostly refered to as "celebrations" by the media. Here is what the streets of Chicago looked like on Monday night:

The Chicago Tribune mentions a fan who put his hands around a police officer's throat to try to stop him from arresting another man who had climbed a traffic light. Elsewhere, the windows of a police SUV were smashed and at least five people were arrested.

As far as I know, no media outlets are asking why these mostly white participants would destroy their community and no Blackhawks players have been asked to condemn the riots. Meanwhile when protests for racial equality in places like Ferguson and Baltimore resulted in property damage, the media was quick to condemn the rioters, sensationalize the events, and ask activists to denounce the violence. Once again, racial bias is alive and well in the media.