Brothers enjoyed stolen restaurant meals, but disliked being captured

dineanddashIs this the cover of an obscure James Chance and the Contortions LP? No. It's a photo of one of the Gareau brothers being pinned down by an Ohio restaurant manager after the duo allegedly consumed $160 of food and drinks and attempted to flee without paying the bill. Owner Stephen Schimoler posted the photo to Facebook with the caption, "One down one to go. Caught fleeing Johnny's."
The Cleveland brothers allegedly dined and dashed at five other restaurants during a three-day gastronomical spree.

A bartender at Red, the Steakhouse said the brothers had come in for dinner the night before, ordered and consumed $284 worth of food and drinks and went outside to smoke. They never returned, the bartender said. Schimoler said that employees believe the men did the same thing at Bar Cento minutes before going into Crop Bistro. The brothers are scheduled to appear in court at 8:30am on July 10.