World's most dedicated hunter of Loch Ness monster says he's not about to give up


Steve Feltham gave up his job, house and girlfriend 24 years ago to dedicate his life full-time to looking for Nessie. Recent news reports said he has abandoned his long quest for the Scottish cryptid, causing ripples among monster-lovers across the world. Feltham tells Reuters that's not true.

[L]egend has it [that the monster] lurks beneath the deep, dark waters of the lake in northern Scotland, although his current best guess is that "Nessie" is just a large catfish.

"It's still a massive world-class mystery," Feltham, who lives in a van on the shores of the loch, told Reuters.

"It's been a life-long passion for me and I'm dedicated to being here and being fully involved in this whole hunt. I couldn't be more content doing anything else."

Feltham said he suspected Nessie was most likely to be a large Wels catfish, a native European fish that can grow up to 13 ft (4 meters) long. Victorians introduced the fish to the loch near Inverness to provide sport.

'I'm not quitting,' says hunter of Loch Ness monster [reuters]