WATCH: This here's corn maze cuttin' season!

If'n y'all got raised in the heartland, y'all know this here's corn maze cuttin' season! The good folks down to Dull's got one-a them newfangled drones to get all the goings on.

There's a window you gotta meet to get you a good maze. Y'all want your corn knee-high by the 4th of July, but by now it's gettin' to be near shoulder height. Everyone'll be out detasslin' soon enough, so you want to get yer corn maze goin' now before it gets above eye level.

If'n ya ever done run through a reg'lar corn field, 'specially at night, y'all know it's real easy to get all turned around and discombobulated. Y'also get yer arms cut up real good less'n y'got the good sense to put a long sleeve shirt on aforehand. That's why a corn maze is a far sight better.

Nowadays, you can find you a corn maze 'most anywhere, and some of 'em are right fun.