Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset

Skullcandy SLYR Xbox One - Black/Green

The headset that came with my Xbox One was chewed by a dog. This Skullcandy SLYR is a fantastic step up!

Playing a networked FPS shooter with your friends requires good in-game chat. This Skullcandy set is a fantastic mic, and the sound is really impressive. Gaming and effects come through so clearly that I am using the headset as my single audio source when playing games. Clarity is wonderful and the soundstage works very well for identifying where threats are coming from. There is enough bass to make firing off a rocket launcher feel legitimate, as well.

The boom mic is a bit long for me, and I have to be sure to position the ear cups back as far as they can go, but overall fit is comfortable. The padding is high quality and just the right density to allow me to wear my thick, horn-rimmed glasses without problems or fear. Construction is great and I have no doubt this headset, Cavalier King Charles permitting, can outlast the Xbox One.

There are manual controls for in-game sound and voice chat, so you can balance the levels your self, on the fly. I found that setting the two options equally in side the Xbox' settings will allow for more fine control via the handset. If you set the levels wildly different in software, the hardware may do odd things.

Not cheap, at $90, but definitely a huge upgrade over the included headset. Skullcandy makes this model for PC gaming as well.

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