This Grand Theft Auto V wildlife documentary is surprisingly good

Although it's easy to miss when you're shooting your way through Los Santos, the fictional world of Grand Theft Auto V is teeming with wildlife who are as busy going about their lives as you are. In a documentary titled "Onto the Land" by the Youtube channel 8-Bit Bastard, you can take a closer look at the cougars, deer, rabbits, hawks, coyotes and cows that live, hunt and hide in the digital hills of the game.

It begins with the same sort of bombastic narration atmospheric music you might hear in a BBC nature miniseries, complete with background music full of drums, flute and ululating female singers.

"65 million years ago, four and a half miles beneath the surface of the Pacific ocean, there were titanic stirrings," says the narrator. "Molten lava rising from the earth's core forced upwards a dome of rock thirteen miles in length and seven miles across: the island of Los Santos."

While that's not strictly true, since Los Santos is fictional—and the creators note that "we're not professional wildlife researchers, we're still just idiots who play computer games"—the fifteen-minute video captures the aesthetics and tone of a professional nature documentary with surprising accuracy. Even if you're not a big fan of GTA V—and there are some fair reasons not to be—it's still a fun watch.

This isn't the first GTA V nature documentary by the 8-Bit Bastard, either; their previous GTA V nature documentary, "Into the Deep," focused on the oceans of GTA V.

[via Kotaku]