Kickstarting an inclusive RPG based on HP Lovecraft's works

Becky writes, "My partner and I are launching our Kickstarter today for a role-playing game based on the works of HP Lovecraft."

We know this is a pretty saturated market and we know that HP Lovecraft's work is seriously problematic for people of colour and on mental health issues. We have created a game which tackles both those issues head on with practical advice on how to build an inclusive game. But also approaches Lovecraft from a different angle.

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Instead of a party of adventurers there is only a lone protagonist (just like in the original stories). The players take it in turns to play that protagonist, to lead scenes in which that protagonist is tormented by eldritch horrors or play Watchers who observe the action and drip chilling detail into the scenes.

In each scene one person is responsible for creating a clue as to the final horror. At the end of each scene all the players secretly write down their theory about what the final horror is based on the clue. As more clues are created you change or refine your theory. At the end one person narrates the final scene in which the horror is revealed, the mystery uncovered and the protagonist… well let's just say things will probably be a bit sticky for the protagonist.

We love Lovecraft but we know he is problematic on race and mental health. We've included guidance in our game on how to approach these areas respectfully, thoughtfully and with diversity and inclusivity.

Our artist has created some amazing, and scary initial images which are gorgeously diverse.

We also have some extended essays on these areas lined up for stretch goals which will focus on giving super practical advice on managing the more problematic aspects of his work.

$15 gets you a PDF; $31 gets you a softcover. As with all crowdfunding campaigns, caveat emptor, because you might get nothing for your money. However, this team has some promising indicators about their ability to fulfill orders.

Lovecraftesque [Josh Fox and Becky Annison/Kickstarter]