Jesus spotted in a brain scan, but the patient's doctor doesn't see it

A scan of a stroke victim's brain following emergency surgery reveals what her husband claims is a sign of divine intervention. A "figure" in the MRI looked to them both like an apparition of Jesus Christ.

When Tamaha MacDonald and his wife Jennifer Lougee Mingramm returned home from the hospital after Lougee Mingramm suffered a stroke, they started looking through a pile of X-rays taken during her treatment. The pair, who live in Mexico City, spotted an unusual image in an X-ray of Lougee Mingramm's brain.

"We were both convinced we could see a face," MacDonald said.

Although their doctor did not spot the resemblance, MacDonald, Lougee Mingramm and her family were convinced that an image at the centre of the scan depicted Jesus Christ.

Sounds like they're in good hands with that doctor.

Jesus brain scan a 'miracle' [ via Christian Nightmares]

Jennifer Lougee Mingramm with husband Tamaha MacDonald.

Jennifer Lougee Mingramm and husband Tamaha MacDonald.