Anti-surveillance activists send a drone to pamphlet-bomb an NSA complex in Germany

Intelexit is an activist group whose mission is to get spies to quit their jobs; they've recently installed billboards around spy complexes in the US and UK.

They upped their game last Friday, flying drones over the Dagger Complex near Frankfurt, which houses the European Cryptologic Center and 1,100 employees who work on programs like Xkeyscore, which indexes communications intercepted from fiber taps, phone companies, and other sources.

The drones dropped fliers on the complex urging the workers to quit their jobs.

The group behind the drone mission, Intelexit, made headlines last week when it drove moving billboards past intelligence agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The billboards, framed by picturesque scenes of sunsets and American flags, include catchphrases such as "Complicit in mass surveillance and drone wars?" and "Listen to your heart, not to private phone calls," directing observers to "exit intelligence."

The latest campaign added a layer of symbolism with its use of a drone.

"We are inviting our many supporters to think of innovative ways to reach those who are in distress because of their role in supporting mass surveillance and drone warfare," Sascha Fugel, a spokesperson for the campaign in a press release, said in a press release.

"Germany remains inactive and has to date taken no responsibility for the activities at the Dagger Complex," Fugel continued. "We know that there are employees of the Dagger Complex who are experiencing great moral conflict because of their tacit involvement in spying."

Drone Flies Over NSA Complex in Germany, Dropping Leaflets
[Jenna McLaughlin/The Intercept]