Gentleman suspected of stealing a magnet was arrested after he went to police station to complain about his wanted poster

A 23-year-old man was arrested in Cambridge, England for stealing a £23.78 engineering magnet after he went into a police station to complain that a wanted poster with his photo on it was embarrassing.

Asked why he had come to the police station, he replied: "I found out I was put into the papers and on Facebook regarding this matter. My family started to suffer as a result of this. My younger sister was mocked at school and my boss at the roofing company said he could not trust me and I lost my job. I'm just very unhappy being accused of something I have not done."

A judge found the man guilty, saying that the evidence against him was "clear, compelling, and credible."

In the man's defense, it's a seriously cool-looking magnet. No wonder was willing to nick it.