Explore super-detailing, weathering, and finishing in this gorgeous, comprehensive modeling encyclopedia

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I have always had a great attraction to obsessive hobbies. When I was a teen, I didn't just want to have model trains, I needed the fully detailed train board, with forests, a mountain and tunnel, a town, and a coal mine. I didn't just want to play tabletop wargames with salt shakers and napkin holders for obstacles – I had to build an entire terrain board, with homemade buildings, impact craters, command bunkers, and the like. And when I'm not dabbling in my own all-in hobbies, I'm frequently found online, looking at forums about other people's hobby obsessions. One of these is super-detailed scale modeling.

Anyone who has done any military modeling is familiar with the AMMO brand of Mig Jimenez. Mig and AMMO are known for making the most amazing products for super-detailing models, paints, powders, and effects for painting, weathering, and basing, and high-end how-to books on model painting and finishing. Soon they will also be known for creating this incredible series, Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques.

I got Interiors and Assembly Volume 2 in the five-part series because I was looking for inspiration for interior detailing of some tank models that I'm building for a tabletop wargame. I was not disappointed in what I found in this book. These volumes are crammed with hundreds of high-quality, close-in photographs showing many tried and true techniques for using aftermarket parts, making your own parts, and getting the most out of the parts that came in your model kit. There are also all sorts of tips and tricks that you won't find elsewhere. Even seasoned, award-winning modelers who've looked at these books have said they learned new techniques from them. I can't wait to try some of what I've learned on modeling my tank interiors.

The other volumes in the encyclopedia include Cockpits, Painting, Weathering, and Final Steps. Each volume is $30-50 depending on which volume it is and where you buy it. If you think you might end up getting more than one (and you're likely to), I'd recommend buying the entire set on Mig Jimenez's website. There, you get all five volumes and a special subscriber-only sixth volume, all for $135.

Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques: Interiors and Assembly

by Diego Quijano

Mig Jimenez

2015, 160 pages, 8.25 x 11.5 x 3.75 inches

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