The American Bystander – new magazine created by old National Lampoon folks

This looks cool. The American Bystander Humor Magazine is going to be a "lavish print quarterly featuring comedy all-stars from SNL, The Simpsons, Monty Python & National Lampoon." It looks a lot like 1970s era National Lampoon, with a touch of Harvey Kurtzman's Humbug. They have almost made their Kickstarter goal.

Ethan Persoff (co-creator of the John Wilcock comic strip that premieres on Boing Boing) said, "The goal of the magazine is to bring back a national humor publication, along the lines of National Lampoon, Spy, etc. What I like about it is the project actually involves many of the original writers of that era. Apparently the idea for the Bystander is it was originally thought up by Brian McConnachie around the same time he contributed to National Lampoon Radio Hour (which, in turn became Saturday Night Live) and the idea for the magazine has been percolating since then, becoming a serious idea about two years ago. First issue also includes Terry Jones from Monty Python, Jack Handey (SNL's Deep Thoughts) tons of interesting work. They're running about seven pages of John Wilcock comics, too."