Awesome space photo of a volcano in action: Indonesia's Mount Rinjani, erupting

NOAA just released this awesome NASA image of a volcanic eruption in action.

Mt. Rinjani is an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Lombok. Starting on October 27 of this year, it started sputtering and smoking. Activity has increased and intensified since then. Some airports in the region have been closed, as the stream of volcanic ash and smoke floats westward along Java's coastline.

The volcano last erupted in 2010, but has been active for centuries. According to the Smithsonian, an eruption of Mt. Rinjani in 1257 CE was one of the largest in history.

Satellite data from NOAA and its partners is being used to monitor the spread of the volcanic ash, which can cause serious complications to aircraft.

Below, an unlabeled version.