For the first time in 15 years, there's a new Violent Femmes album

The Femmes broke up in acrimony, and while there have been some noteworthy projects since (frontman Gordon Gano's gospel band, The Mercy Seat, produced an album that was as good as anything the Femmes made together; there was also a reunion show in 2013), there hasn't been any new Femmes-qua-Femmes in a decade and a half.

Apparently the band has put its differences behind it and reunited for at least one more album: We Can Do Anything, which drops on Mar 4 (I just pre-ordered my copy). A preview track on NPR music, Memory sounds like vintage Femmes, because it is -- it's a Gano composition from the band's heyday, recorded as a demo and now heard for the first time.

I'm very interested in hearing the rest of the album!

Hear A Song From Violent Femmes' First Album In 15 Years
[Robin Hilton/All Songs Considered]

(Thanks, Jonny!)