Kickstarting performances and videos about a future where things get better

Alex Steffen writes, "Our culture is full of dire predictions, disaster scenarios and post-apocalyptic tales. It's astonishing, though, how few stories we tell about futures where humanity succeeds.
That's a problem. I believe it's literally true that we can't build what we can't imagine. The fact that we haven't compellingly imagined a thriving, dynamic, sustainable world is a major reason we don't already live in one."

Our challenges are epic. If building a better world seems out of our reach, then we need to become people who can reach farther. We extend our reach by embracing bigger visions. To become people capable of doing heroic things together, we have to imagine a heroic future.

That's the quest I'm asking you to join me on: imagining that heroic future, and the paths we take to get there.

For the last five years, I've been passionate about exploring planetary futurism—working to understand both the kind of world we need to build and what kind of creativity can help us imagine that world. Now I'm ready to share what I've discovered, and it all starts with a three-part "live documentary," The Heroic Future. It's going to be innovative, awesome, and maybe even important. It's definitely the best work I've ever done.

Each 90-minute show is centered around a talk, incorporating stage presentation, film and photography, visual design and motion graphics, sound, music and lighting to tell a powerful story. The series will run three nights, September 20th, 21st and 22nd. Each of these performances will be presented in an intimate venue to a live audience in the Bay Area, and filmed and recorded for those who can't be there in person. But whether you're in the room, watching the videos or listening to the recordings, you'll be part of creating something special and powerful: a new way of looking at the future.

The Heroic Future [Alex Steffen/Kickstarter]