Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump, who said Ben Carson was like a child molester

There are two Trumps, says Carson, one more cerebral than the other.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who recently ended his campaign, said he and Trump have "buried the hatchet" after trading nasty words during the primary. He also said there are "two different" Trumps: the one the public sees and a more "cerebral" Trump in private.

Speaking at his posh Mar-a-Lago Club, Trump praised Carson and said he would play a "big role" in the campaign, in both political and policy capacities. But he declined to offer specific descriptions.

Don't you get the feeling that Republicans (and the #NeverTrump right-wing pundits) will ultimately support Trump? The only conservative principle that seems to matter now is fear. Or they could end up with Ted Cruz, who is even worse, because he means what he says and Trump has always looked vaguely like his stalking horse.

To take your mind off all this horror, here is a photograph from the future from Boing Boing's broken ansible, in which lovers Trudeau and Obama ("Trubama" as the holotabloids have it) take the Presidential Hoverbikes for a spin.