Junkbots from Madrid, recycled from iconic Spanish packaging

Javier Arcos lives in Madrid, where he scouts junk to turn into some of the sweetest, snazziest junkbots I've ever seen (and I've seen a few).

They're not cheap — about €400-€1,000 — but then again, they're each unique, handmade sculptures.

Thus he was born Pitarque Robots in Madrid-Spain. My robots are unique, authentic original artwork to which I devote much time and effort. When you purchase your PitarqueRobot you can be sure that no equal, because they are handmade with original parts.

As you can see all my robots carry an advertising brand that is part of its originality and personality. Unite my two passions has also allowed me to make custom robots for brands such as Telefonica, Iberdrola, lomography, Ecoembes, Doritos or IBM.

Pitarque Robots

(via Crazy Abalone)