Bake: poop emoji "peeps"

Just in time for Easter, an easy recipe for making your own marshmallow poop emojis!

Just dye some sugar brown, make a batch of marshmallow fluff, pipe it into poop-shapes and decorate!

Alright, we're ready to pipe some poop! Twist the end of your piping bag shut and break out your baking sheet lined with brown dyed sugar. Pipe out the marshmallow directly into the sugar making 2 inch diameter, tightly coiled piles of dookie. Remember you don't have to squeeze too hard, but you do need to concentrate to get a beautiful BM. However, if your Texas Turds are not holding their shape and looking more like runny Mississippi Mud, wait a minute and let the marshmallow cool a bit. A "Pile of Poo" emoji has 4 levels, so keep that in mind when piping. Repeat until the piping bag is empty. You should have about 15 to 20 poop peeps.

While they are still tacky, just pick up the brown dyed sugar with your fingers and dump it on top. Once there is a light coating, you can even pick it up an dredge it gently in the sugar, or you could keep sprinkling. The dredging was most effective though.

Poop Peeps

(via JWZ)