Animatronic dinosaurs! A look at 'Jurassic World: The Exhibition'

I've always wanted to go to Australia, an enormous continent with a small population (relative to its size) that's mostly gathered on the coastlines. The main body of the continent is uninhabitable desert. But it's a really long trip – at least 24 hours, including layovers and plane changes – so that's not happening anytime soon. But if the trip wasn't such a drag, I'd go for Jurassic World: The Exhibition, now open in Melbourne.

As a theme park guy, I've been seen the Audio-Animatronic Dinosaurs at Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland's Primeval World (a wonderful relic from the 1964/65 World's Fair), and their more sophisticated brethren at the Dinosaur! ride in Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Lower on the scale are the dinos at the Jurassic Park rides in the various Universal theme parks around the world. (Really, Universal, you can do better.) None of them compare to what has been built in Melbourne, and as my friend Alain Littaye wrote on his Disney and More blog, "Why the hell doesn't Universal bring Jurassic World: The Exhibition to Orlando or California?" Good question!

These huge dinos are some rockin' predators! And here's the video so you don't think I'm exaggerating.

Graphic designer James McQuade (creator of Jurassic World: Survivor, the videogame) gives us an in depth look at Melbourne's Jurassic World: The Exhibition!

Official Background from the exhibition website:

Travel to Isla Nublar as a VIP guest and explore Jurassic World. Come face-to-face with a Pachyrhinosaurus; visit The Hammond Creation Lab; stare in wonder at a towering Brachiosaurus; get a rare up-close look at the most vicious dinosaur of them all, Tyrannosaurus rex; and learn all about top-secret projects currently in development.

Created in close collaboration with renowned paleontologist Jack Horner, the Exhibition is infused with interactive educational elements—drawn from the real-world science of dinosaur DNA that allowed Jurassic World to come to life. Visitors of all ages can now learn all about these incredible prehistoric creatures.

Don't miss the awe-inspiring journey into Jurassic World: The Exhibition. The world premiere event debuts in Melbourne on 19 March 2016, and the Exhibition runs for a limited time only. Book your tickets today, and remember, if something chases you…run!

I sure as hell hope they bring this to the good old U.S. of A. Don't we deserve some rompin, stompin dino love?

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Original Source: Disney and More Blogspot