Neo-Nazis make a Chrome extension that alerts you to potential Jewish names

If you install "Coincidence Detector," a Chrome plugin from Altrightmedia, then every time a Jewish-seeming name appears in your browser, it will be surrounded in (((triple parentheses))) (the extension also uses a crowdsourced list of known Jews to enfold their names in parenthetical hugs where they appear).

About 2,500 people have installed Coincidence Detector, and anyone can contribute to a crowdsourced list of Jewish names that the app searches for. In addition to known and suspected Jews, the extension highlights the names of "anti-Whites," also contributed by its user-base.

"With this tool you begin to see patterns, constant bias, a common theme," Twitter user @FamesBlond said. "You want it deny it, rationalize it, fine, but we see it constantly. And that plugin shows it."

"Coincidence Detector": The Google Chrome Extension White Supremacists Use to Track Jews
[Cooper Fleishman and Anthony Smith/Mic]